Fresh from Build a Bandit aka Pontiac Pros.....

To quote Bob Mcelreath self proclaimed owner of both build a bandit, pick a  pony and pontiac pros:. Ebay ID turtlevhare  and eck0211 "We also have a customer, Mr. P, that has a beautiful 1978 Bandit thatís almost completed that has spread some nervous mistruths on him and his attorney, who are too lazy to come see their beautiful Trans Am." Mr. P's car, 2 weeks after that statement was made. you be the judge...(note: engine was supplied by George for his trans am and was built by rock and roll engineering and shipped to banditland)











1978 Trans Am Missing parts list: if you see something else missing that's not on the list, let flounder know on:

1)      shaker air cleaner and lid

2)      shaker metal base for scoop

3)      shaker seal

4)      door handles

5)      door locks

6)      trunk lock

7)      trunk weather strip

8)      parking lights

9)      grills

10)  nose arrowhead

11)  decals

12)  rear window trim

13)  seat tracks

14)  outside mirrors

15)  steering wheel screws

16)  license plate bracket rear

17)  license plate lights

18)  15 x 8 snowflake wheels

19)  tires

20)  exhaust

21)  driveshaft

22)  shift cable

23)  shifter console plate

24)  shifter know and button

25)  console glove box

26)  t top end trim 4 pcs

27)  t top upper Yís

28)  t top outer mounts

29)  t top handles

30)  deluxe door panels

31)  door handle cups

32)  armrests

33)  ac ducts under dash

34)  drivers front wheel spoiler

35)  pass rear wheel spoiler

36)  all ac under hood hoses

37)  ac condenser

38)  radiator

39)  fan shroud

40)  alternator

41)  starter

42)  battery cables

43)  battery tray

44)  battery

45)  master cylinder

46)  passenger inner fender

47)  turn signal handle

48)  tilt lever

49)  horn button

50)  wiper motor

51)  wiper arms and blades

52)  power steering pump and brackets

53)  alternator brackets

54)  ac compressor and brackets

55)  engine pulleys

56)  hei distributor

57)  thermostat

58)  thermostat housing

59)  upper and lower hoses

60)  heater hoses

61)  temp sending unit

62)  oil pressure sending unit

63)  misc window pieces for passenger side window

64)  upper rear sail panels

65)  gold steering wheel

66)  parking brake handle

67)  ac accumulator

68)  ac orifice tube

69)  4 radiator cushions

70)  Misc bolts and hardware

71)  Shifter plate screws

72)  Outer window felts

73)  Window trim clips

74)  Fender to core support bars

75)  Overflow jug

76)  Overflow jug bracket

77)  Overflow jug cap

78)  Radiator cap

79)  Squirter jug

80)  Squirter jug bracket

81)  Squirter jug lid

82)  Column lock out linkage

83)  Trans shifter cable mount

84)  Outside door handle to latch rods (2)

85)  Inside door lock knobs

86)  Door panel birds that cover window crank hole

87)  Door panel clips and push pins

88)  Door panel parts for remote outside mirror

89)  Windshield (this one has a small crack in it)

90)  Visor transmissions

91)  Tan seat belts

92)  Shaker drain tube

93)  Ac high blower relay

94)  Plastic trim/filler behind outside door handles

95)  Vents in door jambs

96)  Mirror gaskets

97)  Parking light extension harnesses

98)  Hood, trunk and door bumper kit

99)  Lower corner windshield protector plastics

100)   Intake bracket to hold accelerator cable

101)   Carb return spring

102)    Brake booster check valve and hose

103)    Rear carb vacuum fitting

104)    Fuel pump

105)    Fuel line to carb


Here are shots of the cars and the shop taken over the past few weeks, only car not pictured is a white 73 trans am. and 6 of the pics are of the above trans am

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New Pics of the disassembly:

and now on to the actual restoration and rebuild of George's 1978 Trans Am.