Fixing Pontiac Pros aka build a bandit's Restoration.

before pics

Here we show the subframe has been taken apart, cleaned and painted, while George is wanting a nice driver quality car and not after a  frame off type restoration, it was actually faster to pull the subframe to properly change out all the parts that had already allegedly been replaced. Since an early block requires a modified set of mounts to properly fit in a later subframe, this made it easy to mock up the mounts and ensure proper fit. Prior mounts were modified 403 olds mounts that put the engine about an inch too high, and about 3/4 inch too far forward. Control arms have been powder coated and are built with poly graphite components. Brakes are not restored at this point as there are plans to upgrade to13 inch rotors and multi piston calipers and 17 inch wheels.

Subframe about done other then brake upgrade and transmission cross member mods, now on to painting the engine the correct GM corporate blue.

Engine installed back in the subframe, alternator and power steering stuff installed, engine started and test run, last pic is a video link to the engine running.

subframe installed back into George's Trans Am, now onto hooking up enough stuff to make it a drivable shell. since we already had the engine running in the subframe, this should be an easy task. Installed driveshaft, booster and master cylinder, bled front brakes, installed engine harness, wired up most all gauges, car is now a drivable shell. started it with the key,  and drove it in the shop under its own power. last pic is a video of it driving under its own power.

Now on to repairing the body, we found numerous places were the car was starting to blister after only a limited time outside. so after careful inspection we ground down to see why, and low and behold, rust holes covered by filler. Old cars are hard enough to keep from blistering back through, but at least make an effort to put metal patch's in to at least let the paint last a few pics above show that both windshield pillars were problems, the rust was cut out, and small patch's made to fix the rust. at the same time we patched the door corners, and one lower quarter. still waiting on a repair panel for the other quarter panel so it can be repaired as well.

Here are pics off the pass side lower rear quarter, Bob had put a small patch panel in a part that needed to be replaced, instead, Bob decided to fill a rusty lower quarter and hide his poor craftsmanship, we removed the cancerous part and put in a fresh patch panel..

After removal and inspection of the pass side fender, it appeared that the fender was a tad rough and would require quite a bit of repair work in order to get it into acceptable condition, as such a replacement fender was located and used to replace for the fender Pontiac Pros had already repaired and painted for George's car. The replacement fender was stripped and found to be in much better condition, minor bodywork was performed and the fender was sealed in black epoxy primer and readied for finish bodywork and blocking.

The basic shell is now painted, along with the deck lid, rear spoilers, rear window filler panel, taillights, drivers fender and the extractors.

now the car gets to start going back together, deck lid and spoilers installed, taillights wired and installed, trunk and t top weather-strips installed, now prepping a core support and non rusty inner fenders so the front clip can be completed and installed. Windshield should be replaced in the next few days.

nice inner fenders now cleaned and painted, a solid core support is now painted as well, next will be the installation of the fenders.

first pic is a video of the car running with the exhaust on it. next pics are of the floors being modded for  the use of the BMW seats, since the new seat tracks are nothing like the factory tracks, in order to make them fit and function, they need to be recessed into the floor pans. Now that pass seat is fit, there is plenty of adjustment, and seat has far more adjustability then the factory seats. Now onto the drivers seat, were I will set it back an additional 2 inches to allow for taller drivers.

Rear seat upholstered to match, new rear defrost glass purchased, rear package tray trim painted to match the new seat color (76-77 Buckskin) rear package tray and plastics will be the same color. Aluminum 4 core radiator purchased and test fit. Should keep the car cool in sunny Florida with the AC on.



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