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the start, a nice red TA, the goal, to look like one of these black TA's..

car disassembled and paint starting to be stripped to see what we have to work with. we are also test fitting 78 and earlier rear spoiler caps onto the quarter panels prior to bodywork and paint.

this is why we like to strip off the old paint. front fenders had prior repairs that were less than stellar. drivers fender was deemed to require too much work, so a replacement was found. pass fender is fixable with a lower patch, so a donor fender was found to supply the needed patch panel. old repairs were homemade and did not have all the needed supports or curves. drivers rear quarter also shows poor repair and a panel has been ordered for that as well. blue tail panel is donating a few parts to the cause that are not available new.

repaired pass lower quarter rust, and a couple places in the roof around the t tops. drivers door, front fenders and a few small parts are in initial primer 

drivers door is done and back on the car, pass door is being worked. inner tail panel replaced, gas neck shortened, found some more rust in the drivers quarter, luckily I ordered a full skin. (should be in tomorrow)

while waiting on the quarter skin, went ahead and started painting some of the parts. new hood arrived, so it got painted as well.

tired of waiting on the quarter, so in with the tail panel and on with the remaining bodywork on the shell. hooray, quarter arrived, so now time to dissect the old quarter, and lucky we did! old home made patch panel was installed right over the rust, past body man not even taking the time to even cut it out. rear is now parched, and working on the front of the quarter.

A little rust was peaking through the windshield corners, so the windshield was pulled for inspection. here is what was found hiding. floors have had prior repairs as well, and when removed, cage nut was found not in place, and a smaller replacement bolt and nut installed. cage nut was put back in place w/correct bolts.

also noticed was that the rear subframe mount was completely compressed, when removed it was discovered that the sleeve that was goes in the bushing was missing (on both rear mounts).  new poly bushings were installed correctly. working on the pillers, done with floors, and painted the floors with a good coat of POR 15 to prevent future rust.

car is reprimed and ready for hopefully its final blocking. plan is to block, reprime, wetsand and paint the shell by this weekend. most of the small parts are already painted, so this would just leave the shaker, front bumper and mirrors to be painted.

 Starting assembly of the car. includes fitting and painting some of the remaining parts, painting window trim, and installing weatherstrips.

T tops painted and striped, new weatherstrips installed, dynomat installed on the floors, gold dash and steering wheel ready to be installed, and grills painted gold in anticipation of installation.

almost done...ready for final touch ups, a CB, then a good clean up and detail.

out for a shakedown figures......that Buford must be part coon dog...





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