1965 ss396 impala

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Well, bad news, out for a routine drive and the original engine gave up. It still goes with the car, but the good news is the car now has a new engine: .030 over 396, balanced, resized rods, arp rod bolts, mild cam, double roller timing set, heads decked, 2.19 stainless intake valves, 1.88 stainless exhaust valves, hardened seats, new guides, positive seals, upgraded springs, high volume oil pump, ect. should be a great running fresh engine with a lot more pep then the old one. while out engine compartment will be detailed and normal wear and tear items replaced. I will post pics as I complete it.

After lots of waiting, I finally have the new engine assembled, and its running great! much stronger then the old engine.

 email with any questions