1967 Corvette

327 350hp roadster


Replacing a mid year hood surround...

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Here are pics of the car with the old hood surround removed. With the surround removed, it is easy to spot old repairs and prior damage. Pop rivets shown in pictures should have been removed after bonding. In some places I removed over 3/4" of filler that covered these up.

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These are more pics of the prior repairs made to the front of the car. It appears that the only remaining orig front end parts are the pass side louver panel, pass side inner fender, and possibly the hood. The surround had been replaced once, then a drivers upper fender replaced at a later date.

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Here is the new surround, along with pics of the disassembled car.

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Here are some pics of the new surround now on the car. I am waiting on one parking light panel to complete front end. Headlights, door and hood fit are now being worked on. Fresh fiberglass will need to sit for several weeks to "cure" before final bodywork,

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Body work on seams and fitting headlight buckets. I am trying for a very even 3/32 headlight gap. next on to priming and blocking.