Bryan's 1969 Camaro build

The start: a nice solid 69 base Camaro. first order of business, disassemble and put on the rotisserie.

floor pan repaired, 1 mini tub almost finished being installed

mini tubs done, 4 link installed

been a minute since any pics were posted, so here is were we are at. rough bodywork done, car in primer, fitting body panels and making adjustments so we can prep for paint.

bottom of the car is now for the most part finished, car is in final primer, and ready for final block sanding, then should be ready for paint.

shell is now painted, lacking only the blackout tail panel and painting the dash and rear window panel.

tail panel, dash, glove box door, ashtray and rear interior metal painted black

Coming along, car is now once again sitting on 4 wheels. with suspension done, it's on to finishing the paint and assembling the exterior.

fuel injection fuel tank assembled, front fenders loosely on, glass installed, weatherstrips installed, looking like a car!!

engine assembled, front brakes done, fuel tank installed, sound deadener installed...